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INCOR was founded with a view to change the way real estate was approached in India. In a time and age and a country, which is growing, people need the right kind of places to spend their time in. After all a building is more than just a structure made of concrete, bricks and rods. It’s a space that’s going to be inhabited by people, their dreams and ambitions. And for that we need to get a lot right. We need to design and build for people and their dreams. We want to pioneer a whole new real estate movement, that reimagines the way housing and buildings are approached. That is what we are here to do. At present, we have a series of projects that pan across Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru. Our latest venture offers 2bhk and 3 bhk flats for sale in gated-community in Hyderabad. These flats are for sale in Patancheru. Right from planning to execution, we put in a lot of thought into the big things and small things identifying everything that you are looking for and will need when you move into your home.

Where does this dream take us? Into building structures at par with global cities, but keeping India and our roots at the heart of it. So align your head and heart because we have both in when it comes to every project of ours. At present our projects pan across healthcare, real estate, co-living and co-working spaces, property management and more.